OMI Colombo Sri Lanka

Ongoing formation

This is a non-negotiable priority. It will be better organized to cater to the missionary needs, especially of the Province members who are within the first five years of Priesthood and Religious life. The Province provides opportunities for the Oblates to grow in their spiritual life and religious dedication. The Province specializes the Oblates in various fields of the apostolate (spiritual, human, pastoral, and academic) to respond to the needs of the Province.

Director of ongoing formation

The director of ongoing formation is responsible for planning seminars and study days to assist the members of the province in further formation. The director of ongoing formation is appointed by the provincial in council for a period of three years. He may be assisted by the committee for ongoing formation which consists of two members appointed by the provincial in council.

He may report to the provincial council once a year on the activities of the past year and also presents a programme for the year ahead which is in accordance with the directives of the Formation Directory of the province.