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Sahana Medura


The Garden of Tranquility

The word “witness” appears as a connotation often in the Christian vocabulary. One special feature of witnessing to his/her Christian faith is to engage in various acts of charity. “Sahana Medura” “The Garden of Tranquility” is truly a witness to God’s providential love for the most abandoned and the neglected in the society. Therefore the continual functioning of “Sahana Medura” over 25 years, itself is a great witness to the faith in a caring God

This house was started in 1991 as a place of comfort and healing to any person who experiences mental trauma due to various psychological and social changes. Rev.Fr. Fraccid Anthony omi, who is the founder of this institute became an instrument of peace to hundreds of persons who had undergone various psychological struggles due to such traumatic experiences. As the need of counselling was rising, he gradually developed the residential facilities to cater to those who come in search of his guidance. He trained some in counselling so that they could serve both inside and outside the centre.

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When Rev.Fr. Fraccid felt the need to have some assistance of a priest to support his ministry he appealed to the Oblates and Rev.Fr. Chrishantha Jayalath OMI became his first assistant. As Fr. Fraccid was growing in age, he wanted to hand over the total responsibility to the Oblates. In the year 2017 November 12th Rev.Fr. Presanna Rodrigo omi became the 1st successive director and a few months later Fr. Fraccid was called to eternal rest and was buried in ‘Sahana Medura” premises itself.

This place is really a holy place which solely rely on God for its existence. We totally depend on the generosity of donors who support us by providing with food items, dry rations, or money. We do not forget to pray for their intentions and they too join for the celebration of the Eucharist with inmates. There are some who take initiative to spend some time either to entertain or to just talk to them.

Jesus said “I was hungry….. I was sick ….and you visited me” whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me” These are the sentiments of the many persons who come to visit them. Thus this centre has become a place of encounter with Christ in the sacrament and in the poor.


Apart from the therapeutic programs of the residential inmates, Saturdays and Sundays are available for the counselling service for the out siders such as children adults and families, who seek the help in the field of counselling and try to render a valuable service to the society to build up their lives, who are suffering from stress, trauma, frustration etc. This place is actually a Garden of Tranquility. Many clients have experienced the fact and they have started a new life again. The inmates are supported to come back to their normal life following the time table appears below.


Time Table(Morning)

1 5.45am Music Therapy
2 6.15am Water Therapy
3 7.00am Physical Therapy
4 8.00am Spiritual Therapy or Holy Mass.
5 8.45am Breakfast & Medication
6 9.30am Work Therapy
7 10.30am Tea Break
8 10.45am Work Therapy

Time Table(Evening)

1 12.00pm Interval
2 1.00 pm Lunch
3 2.00 pm Occupation therapy
4 3.00 pm Sport or work Therapy
5 3.30 pm Tea Break
6 3.45 pm Sport or work Therapy
7 4.45 pm Language Therapy
8 6.00 pm Prayer
9 7.00pm Dinner, TV & Medication
10 8.00pm Entertainment
11 9.00pm All Lights Off

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