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The Oblate Juniorate in Kohuwala, Nugegoda is geared towards forming mature, educated and service-oriented candidates who are capable of living the Christian discipleship view of the Oblate way of life

At recruitment:

The candidate is supposed to have been accompanied by the Vocation Director who normally visits the homes of the candidtes, meets their parents, conducts vocational camp, consults the parish priest/ the Religious and lay faithful who know the family background of the candidates. Interviews are conducted before selecting candidates to the Juniorate.

The letter of the parish priest and / or from Religious or devout lay faithful. Recommendations and report regarding the candidate's performance from the Principal of the School, Medical certificate from a Doctor, IQ, EQ tests. Church documents (Baptism, Confirmation, Parents' marriage) and candidate's birth certificate from the Office of the Registrar of Births.

Upon entering:

Candidates enter the Juniorate when they are in Grade 10, Post O/L or post A/L and go through the educational process to complete quite well the G.C.E A/L Examination and the National Seminary Entrance Examination (NSE).

The choice of their subjects is according to the decision made by the Juniorate staff in consultation with the students.

At present Political science has been re-introduced as an alternative Subject for the A/L candidates. This opportunity is offered to them so that they may choose either English, (Literature) language or Political Science as the third subject for the A/L depending on their ability to pass the examination in the first attempt.

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This adjustment has helped the candidates to choose wisely the third subject and to proceed to the next stage of formation.

The candidates are also encouraged to take part in the examinations and other competitions organized and conducted by the Ministry of Education. Literary Associations (Sinhala and English) help them to improve their talents. The computer lab, the Reading Room and the Library help to improve their skills.

Physical, psychological and spiritual and pastoral concerns:

Daily games, Earth care, periodic matches with outside teams and also among Inter-House teams in the Juniorate provide ample opportunities for the physical development of the candidates.

Conferences and lectures by competent persons on psycho-sexual aspects and human development are given. Conferences and lectures help the candidates to develop their consciousness regarding their own intrinsic dignity and that of others. Visits of their parents and family members and holidays with the family are maintained.

Accompaniment and prudent assessment of the candidates by the formators to know their right intention to follow Jesus Christ in the Oblate Congregation is of vital importance. Therefore, the following exercises are provided with:


Personal and community prayer.

Daily Holy Eucharist and the meaningful celebration of all the feasts of Our Lord, Feasts of Holy Mother and Oblate feasts.

Monthly Recollections and Annual Retreats are conducted by the Oblates and non-Oblates during which they have the opportunity of making their confessions. Spiritual accompaniment is provided for the students by spiritual directors.

Candidates in post A/L class go out to obtain Oblate missionary and pastoral outlook and training in the parish of Our Lady of Fatima, Maradana, which is ministered by the Oblates. They are also exposed to pastoral work done by the Oblates who also observe them.


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