OMI Colombo Sri Lanka

Fr. Shihan Shanaka OMI - Missionary in Cuba

I serve in the Oblate mission in Cuba which is part of the Province of Mexico. I joined the mission in October 2019 with a cheerful and zealous heart, mind and soul.

The mission in Cuba is a joint venture pioneered by the Provinces of Mexico and Haiti. The Oblates have been in Cuba for 25 years and many priests from both provinces have contributed to the growth of the mission. Around 75% of Cuban Church is compounded of religious from other countries.

The church in Cuba has undergone unimaginable persecutions under communist regime and continues to face those for the sake of Christ Jesus. We work in two diocese in Cuba, viz., Archdiocese of Havana and the diocese of Pinar del Rio.


We are three priests permanently involved in the mission.

  • Father Wilmar, Mission Superior (Brazilian)
  • Father Roger (American)
  • Father Shihan (Sri Lankan)

We also have one Scholastic from the province of Mexico and two Brazilians pre-novices. (For a short time)

I am attached to the mission of Cojimar in the archdiocese of Havana. I help the mission by celebrating masses and at the same time continue studying the Spanish language.

This is a challenging and interesting mission and I would like to invite you to join us in the mission in Cuba so that we can serve the people who are in most need of our service.

Our Activities