OMI Colombo Sri Lanka



The Oblate scholasticate is situated at Ampitiya, a suburb of Kandy, the commercial city of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The scholasticate is the clergy formation Institute of the Colombo Province of the Missionary Congregation of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in the Catholic Church.

The natural and geographic positioning of the Oblate Scholasticate is passionately symbolic. It stands above the other religious institutions around the place, even the National Seminary Campus. There is no harm done to look at this placement in terms of the crucial contributions done by the Oblates to the Sri Lankan Church, in terms of the pioneering missionary endeavours the Oblates have launched out with a grass-root thrust of evangelization, and in terms of quality formation given at the institute with exigent exposures and pastoral orientations.

The institution which is situated in an eleven acre block of gradient land inherits a proud history of over 50 years. The edifice is a fairly large two storey building block having resident facilities for 60 students and a team of formators. In addition, it comprises with a spacious chapel, a medium-sized auditorium which can accommodate 200 persons, several quarters for guests, an extensive library, kitchen and the quarters for domestic staff, and the other necessary space for basic living facilities for a religious community. Yet, there had been times in the past the structure was seen as insufficient to provide enough facilities to large numbers entering to join the community. Times have changed and the institution now has become a silent haven for a small community. Since it has run its course for a long period of time it requires constant maintenance and periodical updates.


The number of Oblate priests and brothers who have gone through Scholasticate’s training and warmth exceeds several hundred, from its inception in 1959. These belong to both Oblate Provinces in Sri Lanka. No doubt, every one of them would look at the Kandy Scholasticate with nostalgic feelings as a loving mother who cared for and sheltered them in their formative years. At present, Oblate scholastics numbering 28 and 07 members of the staff make the Oblate religious community.

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