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Mazenod Youth is the vibrant youth ministry which was initiated in the Oblate Province of Colombo in 2014. It had its inaugural ceremony at the De Mazenod House Chapel on 7 December, 2014, with the participation of 50 youth from all over the country. This is an Oblate mission for youth. The mission was basically initiated by Fr.Susith Randil Fernando OMI.

This is not an association. Yet a journey where the youth from any race and creed are welcomed to journey with Oblates while allowing them to be nourished by the Oblate chrism.


To create activate and religious atmosphere where we are and where we are sent.


Through various workshops, services, programmes, encounters, activities and social media we, the Oblates work with youth, for youth and by youth. [Mission for youth, with youth and by youth]

  • Mainly we welcome youth after 16 years old and give them training on public preaching. Conducting seminar organizing programs, retreat on St. Eugene De Mazenod and the Oblate life-style.
  • At the moment we have 50 plus youth for the year 2020. We pay much affection to uplift the lives of youth, to protect the environment, to help the youth to cover up their expenses through various optional occupations, and to lead a good Christian life.
  • Generally speaking we help the Oblate missions in different capacities such as, through programs, retreats, financial contribution and workshops.

Special Events

  • Mazenod youth participated in International Oblate Youth Encounter and World Youth’s Day in Poland, 2016 and New York.
  • Visited Vatican City and Oblate General House in 2016.
  • We had a pilgrimage to Holy Land in 2017.
  • Mazenod Youth members were invited to take part in vocation week program in Indonesia in 2019

Our Activities