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DE MAZENOD SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION is an Oblate endeavour to empower the underprivileged Youth through education - University Education. It was inaugurated on 21st May 2016 as a gift of appreciation to our Blessed Founder as we celebrated 200th Anniversary of the foundation of our dear Congregation. We are proud to inform you that we have entertained 4 groups of students granting them with partial scholarships and at present the number of recipients are 55.

Necessary qualifications

  • Students need to be from lower income families - families that earn less than Rs. 20,000.00 per month with no proper housing….. etc
  • Preferably the students coming from ordinary/local schools would be the best candidates. Those who have done their O/L & A/L studies in highly prestigious/recognized Colleges, Convents or Schools may not be the most suitable candidates
  • Only those who received their Advanced Level results in December 2019 and who begin their university studies in the year 2020 are eligible.
  • Religion and Ethnicity of students are minor importance but preference will be given to Catholics.
  • Students’ direct involvement in active politics can be a disqualification.
  • Students’ connections with the Oblate Parishes and Ministries will be given special consideration.
  • From the applications received, only 15 worthy candidates will be chosen after careful consideration.

Together with me, the members of DE MAZENOD SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION look forward to your cooperation and support to make this project a success.

Download Scholarship Application